1/350 USS DDG-98 Forrest Sherman Flight IIa
Detail Up Set

Composed of 97 Scribed Brass / 5 Photo Etching sheets /
Resin 52 Parts for one ship kit

Recommended kits: 1/350 TRUMPETER USS DDG-98 Forrest Sherman (04528)

Manual Download : Page1 Page2 Page3 Page4 Page5 Page6 Page7 Page8 Page9 Page10

Package Label

With this 35027f1 set and DDG-98 kit,Following DDGs(DDG-97 to DDG-112) can be realized.

Scribed Brass 97 parts :
5in Barrel /Cal50/Radomes/Bitts and so on...

Veteranmodel's Resin 52 parts

Dry Transfer : 2 Sheets

Photo Etching 5 sheets

Instruction Manual - A3 size : 5 Papers total 10 pages

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