1/350 USS BB-63 Missouri 1945 "Advanced" Detail Up Set for Hobbyboss Kit
(Deck Blue 20B stained wooden deck)

Composed of 422 Scribed Brass / 8 Photo Etching sheets /
Resin 138 Parts set / Stained Wooden Deck for one ship kit

Recommended kits: 1/350 Hobbyboss USS BB-63 Missouri (86516)

Manual Download : Page1 Page2 Page3 Page4 Page5 Page6 Page7 Page8 Page9 Page10 Page11 Page12 Page13 Page14 Page15 Page16

Package Label

Scribed Brass 422 parts :
16inch Main Barrels : 9EA / 5in Barrels : 20EA / 40mm Bofors Barrels 80EA
/ 20mm: 49EA / 20mm Pedestal: 49EA / Bitts : 32EA / Mast/Yard sets and so on...

Wooden deck (Deck Blue 20B)

3D Printed Resin 138 parts

Dry Transfer : 1 Sheet

Photo Etching 8 sheets

Instruction Manual - A3 size : 6Papers total 16pages

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